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shen zhen shun xiang Nuo Electronics Co.,Ltd. The official launch

Publisher:Admin   Release Time:2017-11-04

On October 25, 2017, the official public official website of shun xiang nuo electronics co., LTD

shen zhen shun xiang Nuo Electronics Co.,Ltd. Is a technology enterprise with strong strength and rapid growth, dedicated to r&d, production and sales of passive components of inductance and coil series.

The company has advanced equipment, powerful senior management personnel, strong product development design capacity and standardized production management; With nearly 15 years of abundant electrical engineering technicians, 96% of them have more than 12 years experience in inductive industry, and 96 percent of the sales team have a college degree or above.

Main products:

The main products are: SMD high power inductance, choke coil, air core coil, vertical inductance, mold coil, adjustable inductance, etc. Products are widely used in communication, information, consumer, automobile industry and other industries, etc., we will try our best to provide you with high quality products and excellent service, and hope to become your most trustworthy partner for a long time.


The company is committed to the cultivation of talents, the development of new products, the innovation of technology and the upgrading of products. The senior engineer with the experience of developing new products for many years is a senior engineer from the industry. We will continue to work closely with our superior suppliers to master the most critical materials and technologies to ensure that we exceed the leading technology.

If the customer chooses us, we will try to do better! Shun xiangnuo electronics co., LTD. Is meticulously and strictly according to the requirements of the company from the incoming material, production process, product quality inspection, warehousing, transportation, etc.

Looking forward to the future, shun xiang nuo electronics co., LTD., as always, people-oriented, innovation, continuous improvement, and the maximum to meet customer demand, to achieve the purpose of sustainable development, wei xian of choose and employ persons, with superb technology, excellent material, production of high technological content, good and inexpensive products, make sure the terminal customers use at ease.

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