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Classification of SMT inductors

Publisher:Admin   Release Time:2017-11-04

Shun xiangnuo electronics co., LTD. Is a technology enterprise with strong strength and rapid growth, dedicated to r&d, production and sales of passive components of inductance and coil series.

The following categories are divided into the following categories:

Oscillation inductance, inductance, CRT deflection correction inductor, choke inductor, filter inductor, isolation inductance, by compensation inductor, as well as the need to pass large current, and so on and so forth will use to shun xiang power inductors.

The oscillation inductance is divided into the TV set oscillation coil, the object pillow type correction coil and so on.

The tube deflection inductor is divided into line deflection coils and field deflection coils.

The resistivity inductance is divided into high frequency choke flow ring, low frequency choke flow ring, electronic ballast ring, TV frequency choke and TV field frequency choke, etc.

The filter inductance is divided into power filter inductance and high frequency filter inductance.

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