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The price of inductance raw material increases, inductance price increases

Publisher:Admin   Release Time:2017-10-26

In October 2017, the situation of the inductive factory was somewhat embarrassing, mainly for two reasons. The first is the rise of raw materials, especially the copper wire of inductive core and the price of magnetic core. Second, inductance factories for customers, mainly in need of all kinds of electronic products factory is not willing to raise inductance purchase price, and even some factories for inductive components suppliers have the habit of quarterly price cut. Facing the profit space that has been severely squeezed by the price increase, the electric induction factory in shenzhen, dongguan, has been caught in a dilemma. According to the original inductance price, the list may be lost. If you don't take the orders, you may lose customers. Some small and medium-sized inductive manufacturers may even break the funds.

The home appliance industry is good, difficult to form inductance industry to help

Small make up, according to industry website big bits, and China electronic message, in October 2017, the Chinese electrical appliances retail still maintaining high growth, according to the National Day golden week, gome, suning sales figures show a high-end home appliances (worth 7000 yuan of above) rose by nearly 170%.

However, the net profit of the appliance industry is generally reduced due to the increase in raw material prices. Commonly used inductance product a lot of supply is the home appliance industry, suffer its profit to reduce the influence, the home appliance inductance price wants to rise, can have not small difficulty.

The only possible exception is the possibility of an electric inductance price increase agreement between a manufacturer of high-end appliances. Ordinary home appliance, small home appliance product manufacturers even have the tendency to request price reduction to the inductance factory.

The outlet of inductance manufacturer or dependence cell phone inductance demand

And home appliances market is also the hot and the smartphone market, inductance industry knows, mobile phones in general, give priority to in order to use a small a integrated SMT inductance took a sales SMT inductance nearly half its usage. The share of Chinese mobile phones in the international market is growing. According to the domestic well-known media such as sina science and technology, the domestic market, in October this year, domestic mobile phone brands more than the iphone, and in the Indian market, millet mobile phone into the Indian mobile phone sales in the second, OPPO, VIVO, lenovo, followed by occupy half of the total mobile phone sales in India.

Industry analysts say the mobile phone sales huge increase this will boost demand for a integrated inductor, and a integrated inductance is inductance manufacturer keep high profits of a product, if the above several domestic handset inductance are sourced from domestic inductance company, can be a bit of relief to the inductor manufacturers.

According to people familiar with the matter, some inductance manufacturers have already raised the price of inductance. As the electronics factory of the inductor, the electric inductance order quantity is increased before the price is adjusted. Some small factories will stop offering goods to the high-priced electronics factory by the end of this month.

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