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About us

Shunxiangnuo Electronics Co., Ltd. is a strong and fast-growing wholly-owned enterprise, which is committed to the R & D, production and sales of inductor and coil series passive components. It has its own brand [SXN], obtained [3A] certificate, It has successively passed ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and IATF16949 automobile quality management system certification.
       The company has advanced equipment, strong middle and high-level management personnel, strong product development and design capabilities and standardized production management; has nearly 15 years of inductive engineering and technical personnel, 96% have engaged in the inductance industry for nearly 12 years of experience, the sales team 96 %College degree or above.
main products:
       At present the main products are: SMD high-power inductors, choke coil, air-core coil, vertical inductance, molded coil, adjustable inductance and other products. Products are widely used in telecommunications, information, consumer, automotive and other industries, we will do our utmost to provide you with quality products and quality service, and hope to be your most trusted long-term partner.
Obvious advantages:
      The company is committed to nurturing talent, research and development of new products, technological innovation, product upgrades. By the Japanese from the industry, Taiwan-funded well-known enterprises, has many years experience in inductive new product development of senior engineers to independent research and development team. And work with great suppliers for a long time to get the most critical material and technology trends in place to keep us ahead of the curve.
   Customers if you choose us, we will strive to do better! Shun Xiang Nuo Electronics Co., Ltd. never expected, production process, product quality inspection, storage, transportation and other sectors are meticulously strictly in accordance with the requirements of the company.
      Looking to the future, Shun Xiang Nuo Electronics Co., Ltd., as always, people-oriented, innovative, continuous improvement and to meet customer needs to maximize, in order to achieve the purpose of sustainable development, employing merit, with superb technology, high-quality materials, production of high technology content, Cheap products to ensure that end users feel comfortable.

Company tenet:
good product, good service, good moral quality;  Do practical things, seek practical results, create a first-class service brand, build perfect corporate image.


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