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SMNR3010~8040 series

Model:SMNR3010 ~ 8040 series
Service Hotline:0755-23760960
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  • Product Details
    Closed magnetic circuit patch inductance

    Wire Wound SMD Power Inductors

    Operating Temp:-20℃120℃                                                     


    ●    ● Compact and thin.

     ● Large Current and Low DCR.           

     ● Metallization on Ferrite Core results in excellent shock 

        resistance and damage-free durability

     ● Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux and 

        Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)

    ● Takes up less PCB real estate and save more power


     ● LED backlight、Flat-screen TVs, blue-ray disc recorders,

        set top box、Notebooks, desktop computers, servers, 

        graphic cards、Portable gaming devices, personal

        navigation systems, personal multimedia devices,

        Automotive systemsTelecomm base station、DC-DC 


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