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SMSR321618~575047 series

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  • Product Details
    Patch power inductance

    Miniature SMD Chip Inductors

    Operating Temp:-25℃~85                                                                


    ●    ● These miniature chip inductors wound on a special ferrite core.

     ● SMSR322520/453226 are high Q value at high frequencies 

        and low DC resistance.         

     ● SMSR321618/453226C/565047Care low DC resistance,

        high current capacity,and high mpedance characteristrics.

        they are excellent for use as choke

        coil in DC power supply circuits


     ● Pagers,Cordless phone.

     ● High Freq.Communication Products.

     ● Personal computers.

     ● Disk Drives and computer peripherals.

     ● DC power supply circuits.

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