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SMRH2D~6D series

Model:SMRH2D~6D series
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  • Product Details

    Closed magnetic circuit patch inductance

    Shielded SMD Power Inductors

    Operating Temp:-30℃~100                                                                


    ●    ● Small size with the electrode attached to the 

             errite core directly.

     ● Available in magnetically shielded.          

     ● Low DCresistance.

     ● Suitable for large currents.

     ● Available on tape and reel for auto surface mounting.


     ● Power supply for VTRs.

     ● OA  equipmenr.

     ● LCD televisions.

     ● Notebook PCs.

     ● Portable communication equipment.

     ● DC/DCconverters, DSC, DVC, MP3, PDA, products.

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